Cupid Stroll with your sweetheart through downtown Rawlins on Thursday, February 9th. There will be special events, giveaways and sales, in stores.
To become involved with downtown revitalization activities, serve on a committee, or to take part in a project pertaining to your personal interests and skills, consider volunteering with us.

Whether you are starting a new business, or looking for to grow your existing business; whether you are are in downtown or located anywhere in Carbon County, we can help you find the resources you need to expand your business!

Goals & Ongoing Projects

Here are some of the projects and programs that Rawlins Downtown Development Authority/Main Street is currently working on.

Main Street Minutes

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Downtown Rawlins, WY - DDA/Main Street shared Tony Jeffries's photo. ...

I love this!

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A big THANK YOU goes out to the Public Works Dept for getting the streets cleaned up for business today!!! We appreciate all the hard work. ...

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I LOVE Rawlins Merchandise coming in February! T-shirts, water bottles and window clings will be available at businesses in Rawlins. If you are a businesses that is interested in carrying the new products, please give us a call @ 328-2099 for more information. All businesses in Rawlins have the opportunity to sell the merchandise. We are keeping the LOVE local! ...

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Some GREAT ideas to continue to revive our downtown.

1.Get out of the office - encourage folks on their lunch breaks to make the effort and the businesses they work for encouraging such excursions. Whether it is for lunch at one of the restaurants, a purchase at one of our retailers or some exercise by taking a quick look to see what the downtown businesses have to offer.

2.Target new retail aimed at downtown residents, workers and the community - Example of a targeted retailer - the community is working on an Organic Food Co-Op. We've been working on this for a couple months now, but a grocer or co-op, no matter what, has to be profitable on day one because their margin is like 3 to 5 percent. You can't go in and be losing money for a month, two months until the market gets there. Important to know what your downtown needs are and your consumer market for a successful retailer especially with all the on-line sales opportunities.

3.Own the arts - Downtown Rawlins has a lot of stuff going on down here with local artists, painters and musicians – art breeds “cultural purpose.” Harnessing artistic energy is amazing, especially the people in the arts and entertainment community.

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Rawlins Downtown Development Authority/Main Street wishes the downtown, and the community... ...

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Please see the Daily Times’ community calendar and the Rawlins-County Chamber of Commerce’s community calendar
for specific information on these and other local events.