Depot Plaza

Funded through Wyoming Main Street Technical Assistance Funds and designed by the Rawlins DDA/Main Street Design committee, the “triangles” in front of the depot were upgraded from gravel into a plaza. Now your next event hosted at the Depot can move outside!


Façade Easement Program

The City of Rawlins and Rawlins DDA/Main Street are partnering with downtown property owners to improve the appearance of downtown buildings. All downtown building owners had the option of participating in this project, which uses grant funds to restore and update downtown facades and signs with a 10% match from the building owner. We have received three grants though the Wyoming Business Council to fund this project, and construction is taking place in Summer 2017.


Growing Rawlins Entrepreneurial Attitude and Talents (GREAT) Program

The Economic Restructuring Committee of Rawlins DDA/Main Street is committed to educating the businesses and entrepreneurs to create an “Entrepreneurial Ready Community” through two elements as part of the GREAT program.  The first element works with Rawlins High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students to create business plans that could fill a potential business niche in Rawlins, which are then reviewed by community leaders and the Small Business Development Council.  The second element works with existing businesses and potential entrepreneurs through training and business incentives.


Interpretive Trail about Rawlins History and Sciences

The Carbon County Higher Education Center, Carbon County Museum, Carbon County Visitor’s Council, City of Rawlins, Rawlins Bureau of Land Management Office, Rawlins DDA/Main Street, and Wyoming Frontier Prison constructed an historic and scientific Interpretive Trail which links Rawlins Spring with Rawlins Peak.  The trail educates both locals and tourists to learn on the history of the region, the unique geology of the region, and the role the region has played in the development of the West and of the nation.  The trail will consist of relatively easy and accessible portions as well as sections that will challenge hikers of all skill levels. Visit our Tours page for more information on this and other downtown trails.


Public Art for the Rawlins Community (PARC)

PARC is a diverse group of community-minded individuals coming together for the common purpose of visually enhancing the community through the purchase and placement of permanent pieces of art that will reflect the spirit of Rawlins, as well as through creating a rotating art program. They have commissioned and placed the first permanent art at the corner of 4th and Cedar – Navigation. The second component, beginning in late 2015, will establish an outdoor gallery of rotating artwork. Currently, PARC is funded through Passion & Pride 2014, Wyoming Main Street Technical Funds, and private donations from the community.


Splash Pad and Ice Skating Rink

Profits from the 2015 and 2017 Passion & Pride ball are going to be the initial funds for a combination splash pad and ice skating rink to be located in Depot Park downtown. Depot Park was selected because of the central location, for easier access for all Rawlins residents, instead of being located in one of the neighborhood parks. It is estimated that it could take up to five years of fundraising for the project.


Solar Lights

Passion & Pride funds from 2012 and 2013 were raised to place permanent white LED solar lights in the style of holiday lights on the majority of downtown buildings, not just limited to the buildings on Cedar Street. After funds were raised, we received the funds for the Façade Easement Program and realized that the lights should be installed after the construction is done to prevent damage to the lights. Watch for installation after façade construction is completed, by the 2017 Holiday Season.


Wayfinding and Informational Kiosks

The City of Rawlins, as well as members of the Rawlins Tourism Committee, received grants through the Wyoming Business Council to install signage to mark routes to major points of interest in our community. The grants also include funding for kiosks which will further highlight interesting information on our great community. They were installed around our community in summer 2016.