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Date(s) - 09/22/2017 - 09/23/2017
All Day

Downtown Rawlins


Please join us for the first ArtBeat event on Friday, September 22nd from 5-8pm and Saturday, September 23rd from 11a-4pm.

On Friday the 22nd from 5-8pm artists from all across Wyoming, including jewelers, photographers, woodworkers and more will be gathered in Downtown Rawlins to showcase their talents. Shops will each have a variety of refreshments available with a $5 wristband purchase.

On Saturday from 11am-3pm there will be artists in businesses joined by kid-friendly activities.

At 3pm join us for a special ballet performance and artist reception at the Jeffrey Center.

For more information call Rawlins DDA/Main Street at 307-328-2099.

ArtBeat is brought to you by Downtown Rawlins, WY – DDA/Main Street and Uplift Artists Guild. Produced in cooperation with the Carbon County, WY Visitors Council.

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Artists Profiles

Ken Cureton

Ken Cureton- Featured at A&B Surplus

Ken is 54. He has been working in the engraving arts since 2004. He received a certificate of completion from GRS Training for the Art of Engraving. He also attended the NRA Gun engraving school. He has gone to work shops with Dave Anderson and Manny Gongoles on silver smithing and buckle design, gun engraving, and knife engraving.

Eddy Delbridge

Eddy Delbridge- Featured at Rawlins Music Academy 

Eddy Delbridge is a singer,songwriter and guitarist from Rock Springs,Wyoming.He started the band “The News”.This group released the recording “The Kids Are Dancing/ She’s So Square “. This recording led to being signed to the Ambition/Stiff record label and appearing on one of the first indie compilations called “Declaration Of Independents” with a song called “Bring On The Night”. All three songs were written by Eddy. His song “I-80 Has Been Closed” has been viewed over 10,000 times on youtube. He has a new release out called “The Sunburn EP” and has been playing solo. Eddy has played throughout Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, California and as far away as Ireland.

Mary Durst

Mary Durst- Featured at Professional Oxygen

Mary Durst left her home state of Idaho in 2015 to move to Rawlins with her husband.  She has been painting/drawing of some form for nearly 10 years.  She enjoys painting nature and is always excited to try new techniques and ideas.  Wyoming in a natural fit for Mary with it’s expansive landscape and gorgeous scenery.

Connie Grunewald

Connie Grunewald- Featured at Rasmusson’s Furniture

Originally from Minnesota, Connie moved to Wyoming in 2004. She is a recent student of jewelry design. She has taken courses in Florida, Wyoming and Colorado in metal working, stone carving, stringing, and needle work to create many types of jewelry.

Stan Grunewald

Stan Grunewald- Featured at Rasmusson’s Furniture

Stan is a Minnesota transplant to Wyoming. He continues to study studio art in Florida. His favorite media is sketching.

“In my works I strive to create interest, so that the viewers imagination takes them there, that they enjoy the setting, and the media.”

Jarred James

Jarred James- Featured at Zumba

Jarred James is a diverse self-taught artist who was born and raised in Rawlins, Wyoming. After graduation, he studied landscape architecture at College of the Redwoods where he spent his spare time exploring California, Colorado and Canada. While traveling, he drew inspiration from his surroundings by spending time in nature: fishing, hiking and kayaking. This tradition remains the same today as he continues to breathe life into his artwork through his portrayal of wild life, scenery and all things fishing. His diversity allows him to create pieces using airbrush, acrylics and watercolor while also using a chain saw to shape woodcarvings. While his artwork can be seen in many native Wyoming homes, he also enjoys showing them at outdoor events, such as the Choppers Jamboree, Music in the Park and Jackson Hole Arts Festival.

“Art is Cool.”

Dianne Johansson

Dianne Johansson- Featured at Red Desert Arts

Dianne is a watercolor painter form Sinclair, is one of the participating artists for the upcoming show September 22-23 “Red Desert” Wild Horse exhibit in down town Rawlins.

Johansson is a retired para-educator from Rawlins Elementary School where she was called upon to help out with art projects with the children. The children painted beginning watercolor pictures that were entered in the fair receiving red and blue ribbons.

Johansson has taken classes from local art teachers but is mostly self taught artist. her work consists of Carbon county Wyoming wild life, horses, local historical buildings and flowers and now portraits of  her grandchildren.

Now Johansson and her grandchildren go to her studio and everyone sits around the big table and child size desk to have fun learning about art and painting and drawing and simply enjoying art. in 2010 Johansson and her daughter Sarah were commissioned to paint the murals on the Bank of Commerce, each doing half of the Martin’s Cove scene. The Daily Time building was done by Dianna depicting the tragic story of “Cattle Kate” (ella Watson). “Entering Art Shows, nationally and local, has been a delightful experience winning “Best of Show” and placing in the top three spots and bringing home ribbons’ Says Johansson. She does commissions and fills the long winter months painting pictures.

Marge McCrea

Marge McCrea- Featured at Red Desert Arts

Marge runs a gallery and art studio in downtown Rawlins named Red Desert Arts. She works and teaches painting, drawing, and pottery.

“I love Rawlins and Rawlins people.”

Marilyn Pederson

Marilyn Pederson-Featured at Bi-Rite Sporting Goods

“I am a retired Carbon County Library director.  I have always been a writer and am currently working on a screenplay that I based on some Rawlins history.  I will be entering it into the L.A. International Screenplay competition next month. In my spare time I paint and enjoy acrylics for color and vibrant results.  Creating through words and pictures is my bliss.”

Betty Salisbury

Betty Salisbury- Featured at Artistry in Glass

“I am a Rawlins native and am presently the owner of Artistry in Glass.  I began working with stained glass over 30 years ago.  I learned the craft while I was still working as an Engineering Technician for the Highway Department.  The studio added ceramics to its lists of available arts approximately 15 year ago.  I have done some canvas work but I prefer to work in the field of glass.  I have been doing some fusing work for the last few years. In the past I have done design work for clothing. I designed and constructed a number of wedding dresses for family members.”

Kay Schrock

Kay Schrock- Featured at Bi-Rite Sporting Goods

Kay is the wife of a working cowboy, and enjoys capturing ranch life through her lens. She enjoys unstaged art, and spends a lot of time waiting for that perfect photo! Kay lives with her family on a cattle ranch in Carbon County, Wyoming. Kay believes every photograph tells a story about life on the open range. When she is not behind her camera, she may be found riding with her husband, or baking pies in her kitchen.

Gayle Shaw

Gayle Shaw- Featured at Rasmusson’s Furniture

Gayle was born in Colorado and lived there through the 6th grade when she moved to Rawlins, Wyoming. She attended the 6th-12th grades in Rawlins. When she graduated she moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where she attended and graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University. She taught the 2nd grade in Little Snake River Valley for 13 years. In 1993 she moved back to Rawlins and taught school in Sinclair for another 20 years. She retired from her life long love of teaching in 2013 and now fills her time sitting on many community boards and jewelry making. She has worked with jewelry now for 14 years, including stringing, weaving, clay, wire wrap, and is always looking for new methods to try.

Chantelle Sidun

Chantelle Sidun- Featured at K&Ko Clothing

Chantelle has loved drawing, painting and horses ever since she was a little girl. She caught her passion for unicorns and horses and painting from watching her mother paint and draw. Chantelle has owned horses and painted for fun through the years, but it wasn’t until 2015 when she was casually asked to paint a friends horse that she could turn her passion into a business.

“I love making people happy with my work and at times helping them cope with the passing of their dear friend over the rainbow bridge.”

Michelle Sidun

Michelle Sidun- Featured at K&Ko Clothing

Michelle began drawing at a very young age and art has always played a part in her life. Whether it is drawing, painting, beading, sewing, costume design, leatherwork, decorating a home or landscaping- Michelle creates. It is a part of who she is. Michelle looks at everything through an artists eye, seeing color, shape and composition.

“My art varies from practical, life-like to very abstract, including the spectrum in between. I enjoy combining mediums, pushing the limits and ‘coloring outside the lines,’ so to speak.”

Joshua Seilaff

Josh Sielaff- Featured at Zumba

Natural Beaut By Joshua, under the ownership of Joshua Seilaff, aspires to create a lifestyle that is non-toxic and chemical free in every day life. This aspiration is accomplished through our continued certification in aromatherapy, our integration of essential oils into the every day lifestyle, and our support through health based products and practices to create a more well rounded, whole wellness, for everyone on earth. As an artist I hope that the skill of beginning blending can guide each one of you on this journey alongside me and Natural Beaut By Joshua.

“I have fallen in love with the possibilities that essential oils have been able to open up in my life! From green cleaning products, to bath and spa products, to pet care products, and even cooking seasoning and cooking ingredients the opportunities are endless!! Come take this venture with me and natural Beaut By Joshua and the see what experience you can have! You will never think the same about health and wellness again once you experience the world of natural life using essential oils!”

Douglas Starks

Douglas Starks- Featured at Buck’s 

Douglas currently lives in Victor, Idaho. He named his business 2trades because of the two trades he has a passion for, wildlife photography and musical/percussion instrument making. He is a retired music teacher of 23 years serving in WY, MT, AZ, and CO. He studied in Casper,Wyoming and received his associates in Fine Arts.  He also received a Bachelors in Music Education and his Masters in Percussion Performance from University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO. He studied West African drumming in Mali with Abdoul Doumbia and in Tucson AZ with Abdoul Aziz Ahmed. He then formed the local African Drum/Dance group “AYA.” For 7 yrs “AYA” performed many times for the Art Fair of Jackson Hole, and for many other varied venues in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Teton Valley, ID.

Still House Blues

Still House Blues- Featured at Rawlins Music Academy

Still House Blues consists of an eclectic variety of musicians from different walks of life. Many of us have played for over 20 years individually and have very different backgrounds in how we came to be musical. The one thing we all have in common is our love of music. We are a mix up of blues/funk/jazz and are really working hard at creating our own sound with our ever expanding list of original songs. We also have a list of covers from some of the greats like BB King, Howlin’ Wolf, and many others.                                  The group consists of Damien Cesko who is the lead singer and plays saxophone and clarinet, Chad Fross on guitar, Ray Mathill in bass, Brian Halcomb on drums, Derrick Morse on alto sax, Kevin Fisher on tenor sax, Jonathan Cantrell on trombone, Dreya Aman on piano, and Shane Somervold helping mix our sound.

Rayah Tuzeneu

Rayah Tuzeneu- Featured at Chamber of Commerce

Rayah is a self taught painter who has just gotten into painting this past year. She started painting to have a healthy outlet while dealing with postpartum depression.

“Painting is light in a sometimes very dark world, and my goal is to spread hope through my artwork.”

Mandi Vance

Amanda Vance- Featured at Cedar Street Studios

Art has always been a major part of Amanda’s life, but photography is her new medium of passion. She has always had a camera on hand, whether it was a Kodak Easy shoot, Motorola RZR, or Canon Rebel to capture moments she didn’t want to forget, but it was roughly a year ago when she decided to start a business that would allow her to capture precious moments for others, as well as express her creativity.

“If my photography has a mission it is this: to capture a moment and make it stand still in time forever. It is to take something as simple and beautiful as a pair of ballet shoes and present it in a way that stirs up a memory, a feeling, or an unexpected thought.”

Susann Ward

Susann Ward-Featured at Red Desert Arts

Susann Ward is Trial by Fire Art. She is professionally trained and certified in Veneciano Stone Plaster applications, specializing intranslucent/layered processThis process transferred easily to layered glaze applications on thrown, slab and coil built pieces of pottery. Nature and Botanical have a strong emphasis on the pieces. She creates in both impressions and the application of glazes.

Ina Welch

Ina Welch- Featured at Artistry in Glass

“I have lived in Rawlins, Wyoming for 38 years. I have been carving with my Paragrave tool for 25 years. By utilizing different carving tips, I am able to carve and engrave on a number of surfaces, such as wood, metal, glass, eggshells and nuts. The Paragrave tool was invented by a dentist. It is similar to a dental tool, only much faster. The tip rotates at 400,000 rpm. It also uses some of the same tips that a dentist uses. The speed of the tool makes the cuts very smooth, with no vibration. I especially enjoy carving eggshells. I have carved chicken, duck, goose, peacock, emu, ostrich, cocktail, and others. I also carve nuts, such as apricot and peach pits.  I have been making porcelain cameos for about 7 years. I purchase colored porcelain slip and molds. The porcelain slip is molded, cleaned, fired, and then polished to a finished cameo. I also pour porcelain dolls and figurines. My artwork can be seen and purchased year round at Artistry In Glass.”

TJ White

TJ White-Featured at Sage Creek Realty- Window Display Only

TJ White has enjoyed all art since she was a young child. She started in calligraphy, then moved to graphite and charcoal portrait drawing. She also enjoys watercolor and acrylic.

“I have a deep interest in art history and love to travel to museums to view the art of artists that have come before me. Sometimes I have to at least just touch a corner of an artwork. I am touching something that one of the great artists touched themselves many years ago. It’s a feeling almost like being there with them while they’re creating.”

Tracy Wilson

Tracy Wilson- Featured at Windy Corner

Tracy Wilson is a Fiber Artist specializing in crocheting, weaving, and knitting. When Tracy was 13 her mother, an artist, died but she left young Tracy a love of fabrics and artistic skills to use for the rest of her life and hence, a rich mother daughter connection. Tracy works with a loom, as well as, knitting needles and carefully chooses colorful and vibrant yarns to create vibrant, cozy and smart wearable art!